How to take care of your horse equipment ?

To ensure that the horse looks good and that the ammunition does not cause it any discomfort, it is necessary to take care of it.

All the horse's equipment

Harness, saddles, saddles, straps, preventive "shoes" for horses - should be removed from the animal, immediately wiped of dust, washed of sweat and dirt and dried in a warm room. The cleaned parts of the felt are cleaned with a punch and the leather parts are hand mixed and periodically lubricated with special ointments. It should be noted that at present, the range of products for the lubrication of leather saddles and harnesses is very diverse. A creamy mixture of fish oil with petroleum jelly or a harness ointment containing tar and fish oil helps a lot. Metal parts must always be clean and shiny. The drill bit (bit, mouthpiece, snapper) is washed after each use. If they are made of stainless steel or chrome, rust does not threaten them. However, the old "iron" requires precautions, as adhesions and rings can break.

Maintenance of horse equipment

To ensure that the horse's equipment is in good condition and does not cause mechanical damage to the horse. Careful and systematic care must be organized for him. Every day, before the rider rides and after riding, all of his horse's equipment must be inspected, faults noted and, if necessary, reported to the immediate superior. To remove dust and rust, it is necessary to wipe the leather parts daily with a damp cloth. To keep the leather parts of the horse's equipment soft and longer preserved, they should be lubricated with grease or ammunition grease at least once a month. In the past, farmers dried the harness in huts or hung it on wooden crutches in the stable.

To store a large quantity of horse equipment, a special dry and heated room is usually allocated - a port room or ammunition, and this should be assigned a permanent place for the individual equipment of each horse.