The best online retailer for used saddles

Buying a used saddle from EBay or a Facebook group seems like a great deal. The seller doesn’t have to pay a 25%+ commission to a tack shop, and the buyer can peruse thousands of used saddles online to find the perfect one for way less than it retails new. But if you fall in love with a saddle that doesn’t end up fitting your horse, there’s no return policy, and all of a sudden it’s your $800 problem.

Determine the value of your used Saddle

It can be a bit tricky to determine the value of a used saddle because there are so many variables affecting the value. Before you sell it, it is essential to properly value your used saddle. Overpricing may trigger it to not sell, and underpricing may reduce your profit considerably. As a particular law of thumb, the greater your saddle value is and the stronger care you have taken with it, the more you can afford to resell. If your used saddle was a low end saddle or you abused it and didn't take proper care of the leather, you shouldn't expect to get a bunch of cash for it. Also, be prepared to take off value if the saddle is not fully leather (synthetic saddles do not hold their value as well as full leather saddles), has no brand name or unusual features or colors that most riders don't appeal to.

There are two methods to get your saddle with a precise estimated value. The best way is to bring it for an assessment of its importance to a skilled saddle fitter or tack shop. The other is going to the internet for comparable products and comparative store. Take the average price of the saddles you see online and use that price as the base point for pricing your saddle. cwd used saddles can sell to less than $100, based on their situation and value, for anywhere between several thousand bucks.