The best in terms of restored product quality

The saddle of your horse is worn, disjointed or in poor condition? You wish to try and do an entire maintenance of your leather? Skilled and neat, Equitack offers you to require care of the upkeep and also the repair of all of your articles in leathers no matter their sorts.

Repair and restoration

Leather, rather like the skin, is sensitive to external aggressions. Fragilized by the sun's rays, inclementness and lack of maintenance, your animal skin upholstery will quickly lose its luster. The fabric dries, shrinks and hardens. Animal skin could be a noble material whose longevity, well maintained, will exceed the centuries. Instead of throwing away your previous stuff, have them repaired or rebuilt. Your maker is committed to delivery back your animal skin material. Contact the Equitack web site to form an estimate tailored to your wants.

Stool repairs

The repairs area unit distributed consistent with the subsequent process: total repair of the seat, repair of broken pommels, pommel and back, amendment of knives stirrup stirrup, amendment of the cons-sanglons, modification of the cushioning consistent with the morphology of the horse (problem of injury) , amendment of the quarters' progress, installation of panels on holes with saddles on animal skin or artificial saddles, reinforcement of cushioning, etc.


For those that don't have the time or the need to keep up their own instrumentation, we provide them a personalized service of maintenance with prime quality product of English origin. For others, Equitack offers a spread of maintenance product specifically designed for riding instrumentation primarily based solely on high performance natural product. So we have used english saddles for saleat your disposal. Thus, as a result of the riders’ area unit vital users of animal skin material typically subjected to rather harsh conditions of use. Equitack is anxious to supply you its offers restored quality products and repair to permit you to keep up your instrumentation on a day to day to stay it supple, bright and healthy for as long as doable.


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